Located in Deary, Idaho; Wheatberry Mills grinds local grains and crafts bread through long fermentation times using natural leavening. Presently, our breads can be found at The Pie Safe in Deary or by contacting us at 208-875-9975. We welcome custom orders from restaurants and stores, also.

A Little About Us

Baking has always been a rewarding craft for us and there is always more to learn about the trade. All along our journey as we explore the many diverse ways of making real bread it seems that every new insight becomes a richer, fuller and flavorful experience.

Having owned and operated our family bakery for 9 years, my wife, Theresa and I have begun a new endeavor with Wheatberry Mills. We have trained most of our children at the San Francisco Baking Institution and it’s there that Theresa and I have  studied artisan bread baking. We have relocated to the Palouse region of Northern Idaho, known for its abundance of wheat, and have set up shop. At the heart of our operation is a horizontal stone mill where we grind local grains to make our unique style of breads. It can’t get any fresher or nutritious than this! We invite you to join our journey into a new frontier of authentic wholesome breads here at Wheatberry Mills.

Locally grown wheat, locally milled flours and handcrafted traditional breads.

We would love to hear from you!

P.O. Box 111
Deary, ID 83823
(208) 875-9975